Our Organic Spa Journey

After 8 years of running a spa in Manhattan, New York City, Jimi, newly married, moved to Vancouver.

It was in this health and environmentally conscious city that Jimi felt the desire to open a spa that uses only organic and natural products.

Jimi’s priorities at her new Vancouver spa were and still are ensuring maximum relaxation during treatments and using products that are organic and eco-friendly.

Tranquility Organic Spa first opened its doors in January 2005 and has been faithful to its concept of staying natural and organic ever since.

After searching for the right location, Jimi eventually found and fell in love with a red brick and timber-framed historic building located in Yaletown.

Nestled in the heart of Yaletown, Tranquility Organic Spa provides a relaxing, retreat from Vancouver’s hustle and bustle. Luxurious massage pedicure chairs with a view are just the beginning of a serene and intimate pampering experience.

Another goal was promoting the highest standards of hygiene. During her work in New York, Jimi saw most places struggled with the bacterial problems connected to whirlpool foot baths. This issue prompted her to create her own cleaner and safer manicure and pedicure soak bath.

Tranquility Organic Spa is dedicated to provide you with the most clean and natural care possible, which is why Tranquility Organic Spa uses non-jetted foot baths. Your hands and feet are soaked in a ceramic-based sink so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Also, Tranquility Organic Spa uses a high pressure, heat-sterilization device called autoclave for all individual instruments. Autoclave represents the highest level of sterilization and is standard procedure at medical facilities.

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